Hello, I’m Eric

A Trade show Magician

one Trick Pony

Eric Lerner will help you get the most out of your booth at your next trade show.   His fully customized magical presentations will help you gather larger crowds so that you can generate more leads, build more relationships with your prospects, and increase your brand awareness. 

Your message will be delivered in an unforgettable way so that you will create impact and capture more leads than ever!

Increase Lead Generations

Bring the wow to the exhibit floor with Eric and attract a considerably larger pool of prospects to sell to.

Deliver Your Message

Bring in Eric to imprint your message on the attendees’ minds with a permanent marker! After seeing how Eric integrates your message in his presentation, attendees will leave your booth remembering what you want them to.

Create Impact

Eric’s magic stands out from the crowd, so when you bring him into your booth, your company will stand out from the crowd.

Attract crowds every hour.
Funnel prospects to your sales team.
Don’t miss out!

“We had Eric Lerner at our flagship Spring Conference…a very smart decision on our part. Whoever you are, if you have the opportunity to hire this guy, I would definitely recommend it.”

Gene Stakhov

Executive Vice President, ARMA

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